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  Code of Ethics

The National Tutoring Association is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to achieve and maintain high professional standards for tutors and administrators of tutoring programs and services.

  • I understand my role as a tutor is to guide students’ to do their own work using the best learning approach possible.  

  • I will provide honest feedback in the form of positive praise and/or constructive suggestions to students I serve in a manner beneficial to their overall learning.

  • I will demonstrate faith in each student's learning abilities understanding my primary goal is helping them discover and develop skills needed to reach their desired educational outcomes.

  • I understand my relationship to each student I tutor is professional and not personal.

  • I will respect and be sensitive to students’ cultural background and personal value system; keeping in mind their personal dignity.

  • I recognize I will not have answers to every question asked. Therefore, I will seek assistance in finding answers to the student's questions and/or directing the student to “how” and “where” appropriate resources are for the information needed.

  • I will maintain accurate records of tutoring sessions to fulfill expectations & requirements which exemplify excellence in tutoring.

  • I will respect each student's personal dignity at all times.

  • I will be on time for tutoring all appointments understanding excellence does not compromise time nor make excuses.

  • I will keep information about all students I work with confidential.

  • I understand the ultimate goal is to assist students in discovering how he/she best learns. I will accomplish this by helping each student develop the skills needed to achieve their best educational outcome.

  • I will share any concerns I have with my supervisor.

  • I recognize the win-win relationship tutoring fosters. I expect to learn along with each student I assist.

  • I will keep current in both my subject area(s) and learning methodologies.

  • I will remain flexible to my approach to student learning, respectful of the various learning styles and preferences.

  • I will share techniques for improving study skills with students; respecting their differing learning styles and preferences while exhibiting excellence in my approach to the content being tutored.

The National Tutoring Association Tutor Code of Ethics is copyrighted by the National Tutoring Association, all rights reserved 2016. The National Tutoring Association Code of Ethics may be reprinted with acknowledgment to The National Tutoring Association who owns all rights.


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