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How is our program different from other SAT/ACT prep programs?
Academic Preparation
  1. SAT Math Express is owner operated. The student works only with Dr. Jeffrey L. Silverstein.

  2. We do not hire tutors to do our work for us.

  3. Our program is affordable because we are owner operated.

  4. We provide academic coaching services because we want to use the skills we have developed and used over our professional lives to help students:

    • improve their confidence in their math abilities

    • succeed in meeting their college entrance goals

    • be open to choosing a fulfilling STEM career

  5. Our program is private coaching because we believe that focusing on one student at a time is the best and most efficient way to address that student’s individual needs

  6. Our program consists of six 2-hour academic sessions, with weekly assignments that must be completed for the student to meet their SAT Math goal.

  7. Our program is rigorous and intense. To be successful, the student must be committed to doing all of the required assignments.


Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is an overlooked or non-professionally and poorly addressed aspect of SAT/ACT Math preparation by commercial SAT prep companies.

No other tutoring service provides the professional and empathetic mental preparation that is so necessary for  maximum success on the most important math exam of a student's life.

SAT Math Express recognizes and understands the pressures that high school students deal with in their daily lives and the additional anxiety that often occurs when they are involved in the college search process. We personally experienced these issues as parents of four children.

Because of the issues our own children experienced, Dr. Christine M. Silverstein of The Summit Center for Ideal Performance, developed programs to help teens successfully navigate their high school years and beyond. She has over 24 years of experience working with high school students to achieve their goals in academics, sports, and personal relationships. She gives a one hour session at the completion of our academic program to provide the student with mental tools to get "in the zone” for the exam. The student is provided with an audio CD to be used in the days leading to exam day to reinforce the tools taught.



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