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Systematic Preparation Approach for Math SAT/ACT  Exam & Subject Tutoring

One small step for man...


Neil Armstrong was famous for saying that he had taken one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind as he set foot on the moon. When he returned to earth he was asked if the mission had any unexpected events. He said that the mission went just like the drills.

What he meant was that NASA engineers had broken down the moon mission into small sequential steps and and then simulated each one with the astronauts here on earth many times before they set foot on the spacecraft that would take them to the Moon and back. Consequently, there were no surprises. Every possible event was simulated and practiced in advance.

This is our approach for preparation for the Math SAT/ACT exam. These exams have been analyzed in depth, resulting in a systematic and comprehensive tutoring program that prepares the student both academic and mentally.

Customized Learning 

Our private tutoring program is designed to address the individual needs of our students. Prior to the first SAT/ACT Math tutoring session, the student is required to take an official SAT/ACT math exam under timed test conditions. We carefully review and grade the exam to establish a performance baseline. The exam results provide us with an initial understanding of the student's strengths and challenges that require more focused attention during the program. Additional official practice exams are taken by the student during the program so they can develop comfort with the exam format and exam environment. Each is carefully reviewed and graded to provide continuing guidance in addressing the student's individual needs. Homework problems are given each week so that the student reinforces subject areas of strength and develops confidence in those areas that present challenges. Our goal is continuous improvement from the beginning of our program through completion of the exam on test day.

In addition, the colleges the student will apply to provide a  target SAT/ACT score the student will need on exam day. The program is designed to aid the student in achieving that goal.

      Math, Chemistry & Physics Tutoring

My private tutoring program for individual subjects is designed similarly to address the individual needs of my students. Prior to each tutoring session, the student is  requested to submit problems that are challenging and need attention. The student's work to solve these problems must be shown in full. I review them and develop a lesson plan for the tutoring session to follow to address the particular understanding challenges presented. In this way the tutoring session is efficient, productive, and comprehensive. This approach provides me with an understanding of the student's strengths and challenges that require more focused attention during our sessions.  My goal is continuous improvement from session to session.

Importance of Mental Preparartion

Mental preparation is an overlooked or non-professionally and poorly addressed aspect of SAT/ACT Math preparation by commercial SAT prep companies.

No other tutoring service provides the professional and empathetic mental preparation that is so necessary for  maximum success on the most important math exam of a student's life.

SAT Math Express recognizes and understands the pressures that high school students deal with in their daily lives and the additional anxiety that often occurs when they are involved in the college search process. We personally experienced these issues as parents of four children.

Because of the issues our own children experienced, Dr. Christine M. Silverstein of The Summit Center for Ideal Performance, developed programs to help teens successfully navigate their high school years and beyond. She has over 24 years of experience working with high school students to achieve their goals in academics, sports, and personal relationships. She gives a one hour session at the completion of our academic program to provide the student with mental tools to get "in the zone” for the exam. The student is provided with an audio CD to be used in the days leading to exam day to reinforce the tools taught.


To provide additional depth for delving into teen issues,  Dr. Silverstein offers a comprehensive program for teens, called Winning Ways for Teens.


Dr. Siverstein has worked with many students  to achieve success in academics, athletics, performing arts, and social development.


Your teen will learn tools for:

  • Reaching personal goals

  • Setting up action plans for success

  • Focusing to get in the zone

  • Using positive self-talk

  • Imagineering with mental rehearsal

  • Achieving relaxation and mindfulness

  • Feeling comfortable in their own skin

  • Building confidence

In The News
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Download and solve this typical SAT/ACT math problem. Show your work and email it us. The correct solution will earn you a $50 discount if you enroll in our program  within 14 days.


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The Big Problem With the New SAT
by Richard C. Atkinson and Saul Geiser
NY Times, 5/4/2015

. . .At first glance, the College Board’s revised SAT seems a radical departure from the test’s original focus on students’ general ability
or aptitude. . .



     Thank you very much for your help in preparing me for my March SAT Test.

I just got the scores back today and I received a  740 math score.  I believe that I would not have been able to achieve this score without your assistance.  The rigor and intensity of your program is something that one cannot experience in a regular SAT class, and I think that you both will provide many people with the path to success in the future. Thanks again!



— Luke M. from Bergen County

   I was really psyched when I saw the math score. I think those scores put me right where I need to be for a lot of schools I am looking at.

  — Luke M.from Bergen County



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